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Thank you for your work at the school over the last four years. Your advice is always valued as it has invariably saved the school money and provided an expert perspective due to your experience in the various aspects of your work at the school. What has been great has been your flexibility, for example, when planning permission came through later than anticipated you at very short notice were able to rearrange your workload to suit the school. The ground works that you most recently undertook are to an exacting standard which enabled the demountable installers to finish their work in a more efficient manner than usual, as was commented on by them. Thank you also for taking the time to speak with staff members who when passing by ask all manner of questions which you and your staff always answer accurately and politely which is paramount in any business.

Finally your work is always to the highest standard, even when I am happy with the job, you carry on until it is correct by your standards.

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